Unusual Solutions

by Kellaway & Friends

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I wrote this song for my Composition degree at the Australian Institute Of Music. For me this song is about depression, anxiety, the feeling of having your time wasted and just generally that life is for the most part a bit of a bitch to navigate. That's how it is for me but I hope that you can find your own meaning.


Searching for the one
The unusual solution
All the normal problems
Can make a man dissolve
And cathartic is the call to action
And pathetic is the execution
If needed we can numb the pain
We can blame the insane
For this morbid distraction

I'm confused by abuse
there's no excuse
And yet it happens so freely
And when you see a steely eyed young man
With war in his hands,
It makes you question the plan
Or if a plan exists that doesn't undermine the poor
And generate the rich

Scratch, you got the itch

Quietly I rip up all the receipts I can
Find in my wallet to aid the frustration
inherent to the everyday human paradigm
and time,
the only thing in limited supply
Slowly trickles through my digits,
Like the sand I remember
So freshly from my youth,
When "nothing" as a concept did not exist
Before the age of greater understanding can ever be achieved
We must first be awarded the time, to learn, to live with our minds
To find some way to cope with this chaos defined
To be refined
It's time I stepped out of line
And stopped following the signs

I have no intention
Of giving up my time
We're swimming through invention
I'm making up in kind
Cause life gives no extension
I'm never gonna find
The perfect way to live it
But I don't really mind

I can't get enough space
And my face is feeling red
Instead of screaming
I clutch at my head
And hope for some better bread
I can't enter the race
And my pace is slowing way down
Instead of growling
I paint my mug
With an old familiar frown

Chasing all the ones
With unusual solutions
All the tiny squabbles
Can break a friends resolve
And lethargic is the course of action
Apathetic is the contribution
Don't think that I'll continue the game
It would be the same as
Holding all my work to the flame


released June 16, 2016
Music & Lyrics by Tim Kellaway
Produced @ Kellaway Productions by (you guessed it)Tim Kellaway



all rights reserved


Kellaway & Friends Newcastle, Australia

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